Carly Harman


is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and illustrator based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She grew up in Richmond, Virginia and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Film with a concentration in Filmmaking.

Her work's main motivation is to examine human relationships and recreate narratives surrounding their subtle and specific transformative moments in time. She highlights various truths of identity and interconnectedness, with the intention to provoke and educate.

She is the founder and lead of CAR & CO, a collaborative team that specializes in aesthetic design, film tech, and conceptual storytelling. Together they create a multitude of work, ranging from portraiture, graphics, wedding photography and videography, fictional shorts, and documentary vignettes. Their goal is to collaboratively utilize their diverse skill set in order to create fresh and unique content for each client's specific needs. 

For commissions: 

Email: CarcoStudio@gmail.com