Short Films

The short film Honey and Good Things. Starring Joanna Whicker and Elena Quaranta. Premiered in May 2017.

"Rva" || 2017

A visual diary.

Trailer for the 2016 short film Step 9. Starring Tony Barber, Caleb Wade, and Tricia Wiles. Directed by Colin White

Writer and Cinematographer: Carly Harman

"Alyssa" || 2016 || 11 min.

Alyssa Michener, a survivor of intimate partner violence, describes her experience of being in an abusive relationship. 

"Ill-fitted" || 2016 || 6 min

A short documentary, featuring Maxwell Runko, discussing the topic of gender binaries in relationship to clothing and the different social constructs and expectations today's culture produces.